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November 2nd – 8th 2019

Immerse yourself in a week of AYP practices in a beautiful and inspiring setting. This retreat is for those already practicing AYP (a daily practise for at least a year), who would like to dive deeper into their practices and are motivated to learn more about advanced techniques.

We will enjoy two practice sessions in the morning and two further sessions in the afternoon. During our satsang meetings we will discuss advanced pranayamas and their underlying principles, self-pacing with progression on the path, cosmic samyama, and individual questions that arise during the retreat.

retraitecentrum DevaDeva

For whom:
This retreat is for those AYP practitioners that have at least a year of daily practice.

Retreat schedule
07.00 – 08.00 Asana
08.00 – 08.50 Pranayama, meditation, samyama
09.00 – 09.50 Pranayama, meditation, samyama
10.00 – 10.30 Brunch
11.30 – 12.30 Morning satsang
12.30 – 16.00 Free time & snack
16.00 – 16.30 Asana
16.30 – 17.20 Pranayama, meditation, samyama
17.30 – 18.20 Pranayama, meditation, samyama
18.30 – 19.30 Diner
20.00 – 21.15 Evening satsang
21.15 – 10.00 Silence

Teacher: Pieter Scheffe

Week retreat  (Saturday 12.00 pm – Friday 10.00 am):

  • Twin room (two single beds) with shared bathroom – € 550.-
  • Single room with shared bathroom – € 625.-
  • Twin room (two single beds) with private bathroom – € 625.-

Upcoming dates:
November 2nd – 8th 2019

You are welcome to arrive at DevaDeva retreat center between 11.00 am and 12.00 pm on Saturday morning. At around 12.30 we will have our introductory meeting, followed by lunch. In the afternoon there will be time to relax and settle down and we will enjoy our first practice session.

If it’s easier for you to arrive on Friday, it is possible to book an extra night’s accommodation. Please contact us by email for further details.

There will be a last practice session on Friday morning. Afterwards, we will tidy up the retreat center together and share our last breakfast. At around 10 am we will say our goodbyes.  

quote yogani AYP

About AYP (Advanced Yoga Practices)

AYP is a system of yogic practices known for its powerful and effective methods. The system is formulated by the American teacher Yogani and is comprised of time proven yoga techniques. It is the combination of these different techniques, that forms an effective way through which to open and purify our nervous system.

The AYP method is designed to guide the practitioner to discover and live to their full potential. This is characterized by an ecstatic state of being and an underlying sense of peace and bliss, which is the basis of unity and absolute love. This is the true purpose of yoga.

To quote Yogani:

“An open and integrated system of advanced yoga practices is offered here which will unfold lasting inner peace and natural ecstatic radiance. The techniques act directly through heart, mind, body, breath and sexuality. Practices taught in AYP include deep meditation using an efficient universal mantra, advanced spinal breathing pranayama methods, samyama, self-inquiry, and an integration of hatha, kundalini and tantra techniques, all for steadily cultivating inner peace and enlightenment through daily practice. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own speed in taking on new practices. Much attention is devoted to developing skills in “self-pacing,” with the aim of assisting every practitioner to become self-sufficient in yoga.”

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