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What does DevaDeva stand for:

DevaDeva is dedicated to sharing and practicing effective yoga and meditation techniques. Yoga is proven to work. When insight into the underlying principles is combined with powerful working techniques, you have the key to an authentic and sparkling life in your hands.

What does the DevaDeva retreat centre have to offer?

  • Effective yoga and meditation techniques.
  • Deeper understanding of the yoga philosophy and the principles on which yoga techniques are based.
  • A spiritual practice that is well suited to be integrated into a modern and dynamic life.
  • The space to develop your own yoga and meditation practice.
  • Inspiration, knowledge and experience in the practice and integration of yoga and meditation in daily life.
  • A place where you can go with your spiritual questions
  • Simplicity in the physical environment so that all attention can be focused on the inner processes.
  • Small groups so that there is time and space for individual guidance.
  • A place where you are welcome for continuing studies or doing your own practice.
  • Healthy and nutritious vegetarian meals.
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Retreats and activities

Our wish is to welcome an ever-growing group of yoga enthusiasts to the DevaDeva retreat centre to experience the transformative power of yoga and meditation. In addition, we will offer deepening programs for enthusiastic practitioners who want to take their practice a step further. Also, for teachers who want to take their own practice and teaching to a higher level, we will offer tailor made programs.

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