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Pieter Scheffe

Pieter Scheffe

The first years

When I first encountered yoga at the age of 18, my greatest wish was to understand more about myself and about life. The practical aspects of yoga combined with its inspiring philosophy, were exactly what I was looking for at the time.

After my studies I worked briefly as an exercise therapist and as a teacher of exercise therapy at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, University of Applied Sciences. However, the choice soon arose to go deeper into yoga and meditation and I subsequently spent a long period of time in India.  Since then I have focused on cultivating my own daily practice and sharing the teachings of yoga.

Teaching and my own deepening

For ten years, I have enjoyed teaching in Lisse. DevaDeva – school for yoga and meditation was a thriving and inspiring place where we offered weekly classes, retreats and yoga & meditation courses. It was only because of a deep longing to intensify my own practice for a prolonged period, that we closed the doors of DevaDeva in Lisse at the end of 2017.

The year 2018 was dedicated to sadhana. I spent most of the year in individual retreats in Spain enjoying the wonderful practices of AYP.

The vision

Yoga offers a method that allows you to make contact with the essence of life. With the right techniques and instructions, you will experience for yourself that this really is possible. For me, it is a gift every day to share this knowledge and to discover together the fullness of life.

The goal of the DevaDeva retreat centre is to allow more and more people to discover how beautiful and effective a method yoga truly is. Anyone who has an inner desire or curiosity can make use of yoga and discover for themselves how close the essence always is.

kelly verbeek

Kelly Verbeek

The power of yoga and meditation

Ten years ago, my interest in the deeper meanings of life led me to the path of yoga and meditation. Soon I started to study yoga and meditation more intensively by attending yoga teacher trainings and subsequently, meditation teacher training. Attending retreats, in addition to several individual retreats, have contributed a lot to my personal practise and to my teaching development.

I have a deep trust in the effectiveness of yoga and meditation. The power of the practice can be felt in every moment of my life, so the connection with the inner silence and life itself becomes more and more full.

‘Let silence take you to the core of life’ – Rumi

To Orvelte

In recent years I have enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience of yoga and meditation through the classes in Lisse and the surrounding area. In our new retreat centre, together with Pieter, I am excited to build on this experience further.

During the retreats of DevaDeva, in addition to sharing my enthusiasm and knowledge about yoga and meditation, I also enjoy taking care of the meals. I also love to share my passion for music by singing mantras and accompanying others on their own musical journey.

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